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  1. Right This is a message to let you guys know server is on longer or ever will be excepting new players. This is due to 2 new players totally griefing the hell out of the spawn and an area belonging to 2 of my VIPs. Sorry to those good gamers out there. I Try doing something nice by paying for a server and inviting people in who want a mature server and you get a couple of idiots lie about their age just to mess things up for other players. Good luck with finding a server guys, Sorry.
  2. Right, Hello again. Had quite afew applications to go through. I havent picked the best out the lot, we went through the apps in order and excepted the 1st 5 who seemed like they will fit in well. So for the others Im sorry if you never got a message from me but it was only 5 spaces this time round. Ive messaged those players to ask if they still want to join. Those who have already found a server I will replace with the next suitable application. Thank you all for your interest :-)
  3. I like all the new apps. Only wana except about 5 ATM so me and other trusted players will look at the reviews later and then pm those we except. Please remember that the server is still being rebuilt due to old host messing up so permissions are still being sorted and spawn is half complete but its a lot nicer than old world by far :-) Speak to you guys later :-)
  4. This server is up for those already on whitelist but we had to start fresh due to host messing everything up and taking over 24hrs to reply to tickets. So we have a new host now, new world, new spawn and just setting everything back up. I have a full time job and I'm the only one who deals with permissions, console & host stuff when it comes to running a server. A friend of mine has admin commands to help out when Im not about. So once server is up and we work out how many active players are still on then Id write here with the available open spaces for new players. Until then Only current
  5. We have invited afew of you in. Still keep apps coming in. At the mo we are having afew issues with server, once sorted we'd take alook at the new apps, if any.
  6. Hi, I've been running a tekkit server since may and recently problems are popping up. Crashes every 30mins, currupted chunks etc Any advice on how to reduce this. I have a 2gb ram 30slot server and ain't getting lag unless in an area of curruption. It's a white listed server aswell, half of EE disabled. Tp pipes and wireless redstone not disabled. My server host said it could be transport pipes causing the crash every 30mins. In the console there's no info on what causes it. Just "(multicraft) server shut down". Any tips/info on what items to restrict and the comman items etc that
  7. Hello, We have gone through the applications and PM'ed those we have whitelisted. Please note that the selection is chosen between myself and 5 other trusted users/staff. Please keep em coming. Remember to post here if you have any questions about the server. Have a nice sunday
  8. Hi people, Id be going through the appilcations once the server is sorted as since the update I stopped the server to edit some files and launching now Im getting heap issues so once its all back to normal Id be back here to look for applications.
  9. Right, The next time we'd be checking back here for more applications will be tomorrow evening about 7ish, UK Time.
  10. Just spent most of the evening sorting out permissions, making sure the server was upgraded, cleaning whitelist and re-doing part of the spawn. Tomorrow after work me and afew others will go through the applications and PM those we end up choosing. Thanks for your interest :-) Night all.
  11. Right, Ive updated the 1st posted. Applications are now open, will start checking applications from this post so Id check back here abit later as Ive got to go clean the whitelist up.
  12. Hello all, I'm the owner of this server and the server has grown since this post was started & we've had afew donations. As a result the server has been upgraded so later on when I get home I'm gona edit the 1st post with new pictures and info and delete afew people from the whitelist that haven't been active. It's not fair on taking up a space on a white listed server when they are hardly ever online. So later on once I've updated the 1st post. I'd post here stating that we are now open to more application. Please don't post an application untill then. Those who have posted before please
  13. I got it. Forgot to put file in the same folder as the jar file. Thanks alot for your time Torezu
  14. edit. I got this using the method you said. Error: unable to access jarfile technic-launcher.jar
  15. THe same black command box flashes. Something tells me it is what I done earlier. I forgot to untick the box when choosing to open the jar with manually selecting java so its set it as default to launch all jar files the same way which might be the wrong way. What file withing jar should it be trying to launch from? At the mo its the Java file in the bin folder that I selected.
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