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  1. hi i am currently making a survival map that u are in a 1000x1000 area and need to surviva and do challenges i need to build walls around the 1000x1000 area and that takes so long cound i need to clear it out and then place an absidian wall from bedrock till some layers above sea level
  2. tpmrpg nice that u have a server tell the ip only to me i will tell it to guys who can help and btw i live also in +1 gmt
  3. i am 15 and i know alot of things allready im playng it for like 2/3 moths and i know most of the stuff
  4. hi i like to make an adventuremap for tekket couse i like to make adventure maps i did it multyple times for minecraft but never with mods so i feel like its a challenge for me to do it so i need a server hoster who can help build and if we need more ppl we can allways ask for more ppl so if u got a server were i and u can build an adventuremap on tell me