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  1. I wrote down the co-ordinates. I'm learning how to make and launch missiles right now . . .
  2. No, but the only people on the server are five of my close friends (it's my server), and as far as I know, we don't even have a plugin capable of spawning sheep like this. It's also fairly far from home.
  3. So, a couple friends and I have been playing Voltz for a few days. I was Jet-packing around, when sunndely, I stumble across this: It's hard to see exactly how many sheep were here. Most of them are off-screen. My framerate was so terrible it was hard to take a screenshot at all. Is this a bug? What could possibly cause this many sheep to spawn? As funny as it was, it's actually sort of a problem because standing anywhere within 100 blocks of the sheep causes insane framerate drop.
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