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  1. Yes, I can log on to Mojang's launcher, but any pack in the Technic Launcher says I cannot connect to minecraft.net and offers me to play in offline mode.
  2. *Bumb* I am in desperate need of help. Please, any suggestions or past experiences with the problem, and what you did to fix it.
  3. I logged off of Tekkit Classic, quit the game, and took a short break. When I tried launching Tekkit Classic again, it tells me that it can't connect to Minecraft.net I have already tried deleting the .technic folders in roaming and having the launcher redownload everything. Speaking of redownloading, I already tried that with the launcher as well. I tried restarting my computer, running as administrator, and I even tried logging in with a friend's account. I restarted my router and modem, everything. Nothing seems to be working. The Minecraft Servers are all up and running, it's only
  4. Technic Launcher can't connect to Minecraft.net! >_

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