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  1. Well, I launch both from their respective launchers. They're both in the lowest level directly on my second HDD (E:/.... as opposed to E:/folder/folder/etc.) I actually haven't altered anything about them except for FTB, I changed some gregtech settings in a few of the worlds, but then the last couple I stopped changing ANYTHING just in case I was doing something wrong somehow. For Hexxit, I haven't changed any settings or altered the code for anything. As for computer info, anything in particular? I have Windows 7 64bit running, 8gigs of RAM Intel i5-2500k CPU I had videos of the problem in FTB, but deleted them to free up space on my HDD since I wasn't really using them or anything. I quickly recorded this last one just in case, but it doesn't really give any extra info than what I mentioned: chunk error(s), then clones of whatever animals must have been in the chunk. Sadly I went to visit the world again last night to show my niece and nephew the world to get them excited about Hexxit, but it already escalated to the whole world being a chunk error after just a single log-off and log back in!
  2. Well, just happened yet again in a new world I made. This time...tons of sheep. Must clone whatever animals are around or in that particular chunk when it happens. Since no one anywhere seems to know the solution to this problem, I suppose I'll just have to give up the games. :(
  3. Hi everyone! I really hope I can get some help with this issue I seem to keep facing with various modpacks of Minecraft... Seemingly randomly, I will be playing on my world and then suddenly something happens when I log into it: A chunk error (or multiple chunk errors), and then suddenly TONS of flying animals (one case was bats, the one that happened yesterday was red finches). The chunk errors never go away either no matter what I do. The animals do go away after a while (though the red finches haven't gone away yet. What I've determined is the cause, from talking with others in the past, is for some reason my computer is working like a hog to repair those chunks but it can't. I'll end up maxing my CPU, when normal gameplay barely gets it past 20% usage. As time progresses, my game gets choppy. Eventually...my entire world becomes a chunk error. This happened in my Feed the Beast worlds, every. single. one of them. And now, it just happened in my Hexxit world! I have GOT to figure out what is going on and what is causing this issue, as it's making the games . . . not worth playing at all anymore. The only fix I've found, was to determine the region file for the chunk error and delete it. This resets the chunk and it loads fine...until this problem shows up elsewhere. I can't keep doing that though because these errors show up most often right by (or even IN) my base and I lose all items not on me, and all building. Is there anyone here able to help me out with this problem? No one thus far has been able to help me stop this from happening, or even give me much of a solution. One person said they think it could be chickenchunks causing the problem? I would GREATLY appreciate any and all help on this reoccurring trouble. Thanks in advance!
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