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  1. Right clicking then stops people making redstone powered things... Yes they can still use red alloy but that's a really bad fix...
  2. That's a game destroying way of going about it...Not allowing redstone entirely?! Also thanks for the inappropriate editing of my name... -.- Appreciated.
  3. Hey, yeah really need a patch! I've been thinking an a temp-fix would be restricting the placement of red alloy next to redstone with a plugin, but I don't know what plugin would allow you to do this? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  4. Getting this EXACT problem. Same setup, sometimes a bit smaller but still the same lever->redstone->red alloy setup. Did you get a fix? If not then can anyone else provide some input? It's getting very annoying having someone log-in and just crash the server until the next scheduled restart!
  5. IP = Website = We're a new Tekkit Classic server with an already growing community. We are always looking for more players to join in the fun and help build a great server which focuses on making the environment enjoyable for the players. The server is a PvP server, however properties can be claimed and will be protected by grief, properties that have not been claimed however may fall victim to griefing. == RULES == No griefing claimed properties No hacking or using hacked clients No duping Do not harrass staff or players Do not ask for items lost to CLAG Swearing is allowed, but be mature Do not ask to be given ranks Do not ask for creative mode Do not ask for staff to spawn in items Have fun and enjoy playing Tekkit! == BANNED ITEMS == World Anchors Forcefields Infernal Armor Black hole band Computers Tesla Coil Tunnel Bore Turtles All rings except Swiftwolf's Come join the fun! :)