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  1. I really like the statues from the statues mod, and I know how to sculpt it like my player. But I don't know how to make it the same color as me. It just stays as the same color of the blocks I use to make it. Also, what does the palette do and how do I use it (I suspect that's my answer)?
  2. uh oh. now its happening to me on normal minecraft too. its obviously a sign...
  3. Here's a link to my post on minecraft forums: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2271022-weird-chunk-update-glitch-please-help/ Basically the same exact thing is happening here, except it is in Attck of the B-Team. PLEASE HELP!! ITS CREEPIN ME OUT!!
  4. I have two questions to ask: 1. When I open the favorites menu for morph, I don't know how to switch between the mobs in the favorites menu. I tried pressing the button that popped up the circle twice, pressing shift, and pressing [ while in the menu, but I still don't know!!! (Btw this is about the circular favorites menu from morph mod) 2. When I see Chimneyswift drop the items into the kettle when he's making a potion, he drops one of the ingredients without having to drag the stack out of the GUI and right click. Does anybody know how he does that?
  5. oh wait i looked at another forum and it said to start in creative and switch to survival. It worked!!!! Thanks for answering, though.
  6. Srry i tried both of them they didnt work...
  7. I haven't played mods in a while now. When I left clicked an item in survival, and it's supposed to give me a stack of that, right? Cause I left click it or right click it, and it only shows up recipes. I made sure I was on cheat mode instead of recipe or usage mode. Why isn't it working?!?! In creative, the items don't even show no matter how many times I hit o. Someone plz help!!!
  8. r u serious?! i'll put this in a simple sentence. u know how iphone is apple? that is its operating system. for a computer, it could be mac, windows, or even linux cause these r the most common ones
  9. When I open the launcher, click on hexxit, and log in, it will either say "Cannot retrieve Hexxit files" or when it launches and loads fml, it will automatically close with the launcher. I am using a Mac OS X 10.8.4 and the latest launcher (253). Does anybody know the solution to this problem?
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