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  1. Welcome To BloodCraft ! This is a 2.0.4 voltz server, It is online 24/7 and has staff online all the time (hopefully). So if you need any help please just ask us and we will do are best to help . This is a small community but quickly growing ! With 160 slots and 16 GB or ram. We also have a Website so please post bug reports if you find any, and if spawn has been attacked or etc ( Spawn is heavily protected so very unluckily ) . Hope we will see you on are server !!! Additional info : Server is Hosted in France, we have shops mcmmo, donator ranks, and much more to offer are players . News: We have been testing minigames plugins on the server recently!! And have a working spleef arena and are going to add CTF arena too. We have a custom ip if anyone would like to use it its : Website :