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  1. Hey, well this is a shitty problem, just because there are caps in the post doesn't indicate any sort of voice you imagine. Secondly, I could care less if you put my avatar as meatspin, I made an account to post about a problem I was hoping would be considered or resolved. You guys are real mature, holy cow. Secondly, Cheap Shot, oops too late, I already updated, better solve it.
  2. Aftermath of the most recent update saying for spoutcraft- From five to fifteen hearts. Alright, doesn't seem bad. Shelves are gone- ALL MY IRON IS GONE WITH IT, ALL FIVE STACKS OF BLOCKS! DO THE MATH! Thaumcraft (mostly?) items HAVE COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED THEY. ARE. ALL. GONE. HELMETS TO ZOMBIE BRAINS ALL. GONE. STOP. UPDATING. PLEASE! MAKE IT OPTIONAL, MAYBE SELECTIVE, LIST THE UPDATES, PLEASE. STOP. UPDATING IT, JESUS THE VILLAGERS ARE ALREADY MESSED UP ENOUGH AND THE MINIMAP HAS JUST POOF DISAPPEARED TOO! MOD EDIT: This is the shittiest post I've seen in forever and you should feel like shit.