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  1. Yes just join using the direwolf client and then just jump in to the portal and then your there
  2. If you have steam why don't you join the steam group
  3. We have added meteors to the buycraft store Item name Item id Item image Meteor Summoner 6085 Meteorite Meteor Summoner 6085:1 Frezarite Meteor Summoner 6085:2 Kreknorite Meteor Summoner 6085:3 Unknown Meteor Summoner 6085:4 Kitty Comet Summoner 6085:5
  4. We now have a global money system to link money over all of the server DireWolf | Hexxit | SkyBlock | White-list and more
  5. Thank you for submitting your idea, every two weeks a new config file with the new and old challenges will come online on Skyblock. Every two months, some old challenges will be removed (this does not include challenges posted on this forum yet) The outcome of your idea: Challenge name: ingotmarket Description: 'Hop it.' Ranklevel: Specialist Required Items: Four iron ingots and one crafting tables. Reward: That's a mystery for now. Curious? Come and find out on Skyblock. Credit for this idea goes to Anonymous_Gamer_
  6. as some of you might already know we know have a Skyblock server with over forty custom made challenges! And an upcoming item store. Now as great as this might be, I have several announcements and questions for the SkyBlockers. Do you not like the current challenges? Do you think you can do better? Or do you simply want to request to add a challenge with your conditions? Now is your chance! All you need to do is tell me in a reply on the post, private message ingame or forums the details about your own challenge. Also might be a good idea to mention playername so we can give you credit For example; Username: Kimmy_bapple Challenge Idea: "Kill spiders and collect what they loot, or spider eyes only" Reward: "I don't know, you fill that in." Outcome: Challenge names Spiderslayer, where a player has to collect 25 spider eyes for a reward of 5 iron (ore). Not every request will become a challenge, some might need changes. Overal everyone is welcome to submit their ideas! The Bank: The Bank will be a huge building with lots of shops, my question is which items you, the gamer, want purchable or sellable. Tell us your wildest, craziest, best, worst, most hilarious ideas ingame, on teamspeak or here on the forums. 'Live in your world, play in ours' SH.
  7. Hey Looking for ideas for new servers to add to the hub If anyone has any good ideas and i use them we will give free donator ranks!