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  1. Your server post is still active correct? I have checked the actual server's status and it is defiantly still on, and seems to have a good player count. I think you should create a enjin.com website to help keep users up to date with the server. I have not actually been accepted into the server, I have put in an application but hopefully I will get accepted, seems like a good server.

  2. Crimson Multi-Gaming Community offers a New Tekkit 1.0.6 Server, the server is white-listed so follow the template below to apply. Crimson also has a Teamspeak 3 server were we have members playing and communicating, which enhances our players experience. We are looking for a tight-nit community, we hope to have a full 20 slots and Hope to see you there Server IP: Server is 24/7 No Mods removed No Banned Items Application Template: IGN: AGE: Experience with Tekkit: How long you have been playing: Why would you be a good addition to the server: Rules: No griefing No Raiding No PvP, except for certain circumstances No begging No tolerance for Rascism, sexual orientation etc... Only 1 Mistcraft world is permitted for each player(Help reduce lag) Only 1 Quarry is permitted for each player(Help reduce lag) Plugins Info: If you want any added PM with a request.
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