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  1. Name: Brandon IGN: BLI99 Age: 14 Long Term Minecraft Project: I wish to help this server grow into a fairly popular server, but not overwhelming. I want to create towns and buildings and shops to make this server a better gaming experience for all! Why Do You Want To Play On This Server: This server is small and looks like a lot of fun, smaller servers are a lot better because everyone can get along and talk unlike on crowded over populated servers. Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope I get accepted! -BLI99
  2. IGN: BLI99 Age: 14 Location: New Jersey, US Experience With Tekkit Lite: I have always played the original Tekkit, ever since it was first released, and have been playing Tekkit Lite ever since the recent update with all the new Mod Packs, so I do have some pretty decent experience with it. Ban History: I don't unusually play multiplayer Tekkit (except with friends), but I have been banned one time on a Tekkit server byt these 10 year old kids who owned the server and got rid of everyone for no good reason. Goals On The Server: My goals for this server is to help it grow and gain many player, I would one day love to help run it, and keep everything orderly. Anything Extra: I have a lot of experience as head Admins as I helped out with many Vanilla Minecraft servers, and would love to help this server grow as a part of the server staff as I mentioned before. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you except me into this lvoely looking server! -BLI99
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