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  1. we need more ppl on this server

  2. IGN: age:14 country:usa TEkkit experience: big minecraft playing lokking to go farther mic: yes Teamspeak: must download REason: to try out tekkit
  3. IGN:dragnflame Age:14 Country: usa Tekkit experience just watching it yet to play Mic yes teamspeak just need to download it Reason: to play wiht his fav cuz and to have fun
  4. hey can you come on sometime and up my friends so they can join the server

    1. Chalupa


      i can come online tomorrow night around this time and promote your friends.

  5. hey man if you not gonna whitelist us at least tell us so we can leave

  6. hey did you whitelist my friends

  7. hey man check you server

    we need to be whitelisted

  8. IGN:wcmherobohne country:us Tekkit playyed minecraft for long time mis yes teamspeak just need to download reason to join our group i hope this is the last time
  9. omg well they gave the wrong name again its Boomsliced not Boomslice sorry for giving you so much trouble man
  10. IGN:ItsNappyyTime country:US Tekkit:Just got it hes played it on xbox tho Mic:yes teamspeak: got totdownload Reasons: to tryed it out im pretty dam mad there making do there dam fourms
  11. i think you made a mistake with tommyzzz10 name i you forgot capital T
  12. i messed up yummy times name it actualy Its_Yummy_Time
  13. my best friend and his brother ign: Tommyzzz10 Age:14 experience: he literally started 3 hours ago Mic:yes teamspeak: got to download reason: to start playing with us IGn: Boomslice Age:15 Experience: only in minecraft Mic:yes Teamspeak:got to download Reasons:to play with the group thanks for whitelisting all my friends will probably me on tomorrow
  14. IGN: veteran101 Age:15 Tekkit Experiences: ive played tekkit lite minecraft tekkit orginal for about 2 years now mic:yes teamspeak: i have do have it Reasons': just to come a play a good game of tekkit the next 2 are my friends we play has a teamkinda like yogscast IGN: Lilax77 Age:15 Experiences: Same as veteran MIc: yes Teamspeak: just need to download it Reasons wants to play with my group and a server that got to damn lag IGN Yummy time Age:17 Experiences: he just started playing about month ago ive been helping him out alot Mic:yes Teamspeak: got to download it Reason: probably to get better and just to play with the group
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