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  1. John your glitchy server is fucking me off! I have died a second time, this time when I had just set up base in an underground room... It was only 6 blocks long, 4 wide, and 3 tall, it had no exit, my energy condenser, my bed, crafting table, and furnaces. it had 8 torches on the walls. How can a skeleton spawn in a room that lit up? I know! Lag! Your server is terrible for lag! Please sort it out and this time I really DO need my stuff back because I didn't add a waypoint to where I was and I was on another continent! I know I should have placed a waypoint but I had only been there less than 1 minute... Please come on the server sometime today and spawn me in my stuff back?
  2. The server IS back up, but mark what is the point of you posting? You're banned... and I will make sure you are whitelisted dannydude and jeppa. :)
  3. John the new server is extremely glitchy and laggy... I was mining with all the stuff I own and a skeleton started shooting me, so I covered the place up and carried on mining... then the skeleton started shooting me THROUGH the cobblestone wall I had placed, and then teleported through... I hit it with my sword... It didn't take damage... Then I died. I want my stuff back! I had 3 alchemist bags with all my stuff in!
  4. No it isn't up! If you were not whitelisted it would say: You are not whitelisted for this server. When in fact it says Failed to connect: Connection failed.
  5. You try and act mature so people think you're 41? What 41 year old thinks it is funny to blow up a town... You are about 12 and a total bastard. Also, ill == i'll. deminstration = demonstration and "it getting on my nerves" You're a grammarless retard, my mistakes are just from typos.
  6. They all like me when you're not around! After i was griefed by you, shark, ninja, nitka, and charlie all tried to help me rebuild... needless to say we failed but then they all helped me stat my new town and each gave me a lot of stuff! In jace shark gave me the most stuff!
  7. shark can you enter the server? I can't... have I been banned or is the server down? Surely it would say if I had been banned and not "Failed to Connect"?
  8. It isn't whitelisted anymore, and my house was griefed AGAIN and all my stuff was taken AGAIN and a sign post said sorry there was a creeper. mark 2 account. Plus i found your new base under my one that you have been duping from!
  9. LOL yes I did it and i am proud lol. You have a second account and are STILL griefing me after you have been banned... whats the point? you've lost.
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