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  1. I was on all day but every few hours i keep getting the same message when i try to log in, "connection lost" is on top and then under it is, "Internal exception: java.net.SockerTimeoutException: Read timed out" i really liked the server and hope to keep playing. Hopefully you see this and fix the problem! IGN: FREE_SNOW
  2. I found it guys! I can play! Someone made a script and a launcher to go through terminal to bypass the crash! I can finally play thank you everyone for the help it is very greatly appreciated!
  3. I did exactly what you said and the exact same thing is happening. I open the technic launcher console and it just crashes for no reason. No errors. Nothing. I've tried literally EVERYTHING to get tekkit working and it just wont.
  4. Alright, so Imma spare u some time I've managed to copy the files from LWJGL when u download it and tried launching the game and it worked, only one little problem, the game is upside I don't understand what he means by that or how he got the game running..? Do you have any advice? It worked for him it i just don't understand
  5. I did some research and the way to fix the upside down is to use fn-f11 and that will make it FULL screen, but can you share some in depth information on how you got the launcher working but it launched upside down? I'm having the same problem and I would like to know how to at least get it launched
  6. Thank you so much I have some advice for getting the screen right side up to!
  7. Haha good one. But I'm not ready to get rid of my Mac, I have absolutely no idea what kind of pc I should get
  8. yes same here, tried everything from downgrading to java 6 and everything. nothing helps and i really wanna play tekkit too.....
  9. also i am running mountain lion not snow leopard
  10. I have tried everything I can to get technic working on my mac. I have uninstalled java 7 and installed java 6. (the java website says i have 6 but the terminal command "java -version" says i still have 7) I load up the launcher just fine and once all the modpacks load and it takes me to the loading screen right before the mojang it stays white for 5-10 seconds and crashes. I really wanna play tekkit so if i could have some help on getting it working that'd be fantastic.
  11. Ok something's wrong, I checked what java version I have at the java website, it says java 6. I use the "java -version" command and it says in running 7...
  12. So through all my efforts of uninstalling java 7 (which terminal still says I have) and installing java 6 (never ended up working) I cannot even open the technic launcher now
  13. i checked and the only thing in the logs folder was "techniclaucher_0.log" i think it had that because i was never successfully able to launch tekkit so it didnt get the version
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