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  1. thanks guys, i've already tried learning Thermal Expansion, still a bit confusing, but ill manage.
  2. yeah, its just been a pain in the butt trying to find like tutorials and such on youtube, etc.
  3. sorry, i know i was wrong, but ive spent a heck of a lot of time perfecting industrial craft, and i just miss it. it was like the first mod i've really loved that much. i know that tekkit lite, and classic tekkit have industrial craft, but i dont even know if servers are compatible with those mod packs.
  4. What is this? the new Tekkit is AWFUL. I just recently downloaded the new technic pack, but guess what they took out of tekkit? Industrial Craft! that mod was almost the ONLY reason for me to play... but its gone. I went on creative, and all the items were gone. No solar panels, Generators, wires, macerator. So basically no energy whatsoever. This makes me not even want to play it. Sorry to sound angry but i am! I was excited to see the "New" Tekkit, thinking that we would be moving forward but in reality, were moving backwards. If anyone has an explanation of why they did this, or if there pu
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