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  1. Yea my friend is trying to make a hack/mine. Server But he cant find the Download for it and some are out of date and are hacks or something. If any one knows how to start a easy none laggy server for PC. with a out dated java... if any one is a PC master or what ever please let me know i wish i can help him but i use a mac and i know its sad. but live and learn i say. Thanks
  2. Dude. Do not know how to start a server. and i have a mac two. so yea its sad. but if you go on youtube. and look it up im sure. you'll find something on it. and yes i know this was not a big help.
  3. My friend needs help starting. a none laggy. and a hack/mine server. if any one knows how to do it on a PC please let me know. Oh he does not have the newets Java. Thanks to any one that well help.
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