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  1. Please avoid building above ground when making your faction base, players have already rage quit because they've gotten raided quickly. Even though your land is claimed, it can still be blown up!! _Darc
  2. Ragequit now at: Warborn.PlayAt.CH Why are you calling this the hardest Hexxit server? Not only are you locked in on hard mode, you have to deal with the rest of the players trying to kill you. This isn't a server where you can kiss up to the staff and receive free items. We ban items that give you an unfair advantage and we make sure to balance the game as much as we can without ruining it. There are also staff dungeons that are near impossible to solo and will require a lot of focus, preparation, and most likely a faction to overcome. Can't I just donate or vote to get phat l00t? Sure, we reward players for supporting the server. But any average player with half a brain can take on the strongest of players no matter how much they've donated. We never hand out fly mode, god mode, or creative mode. What seperates Warborn from other servers? We're not a massive server that sees players as ATMs, I'll pay for the server out of pocket, which I've had to do multiple times. I also don't believe in swinging the banhammer at every rulebreaker, that's not going to fix a problem. Instead I try to push for a mature community that even the staff can be involved in. Have a problem with a player? /ignore them. Don't perpetuate stupidity, put an end to it. ... Server info ... Notable Plugins: MCMMO Factions Essentials Permissions ExpFly ... Banned Items: Ender Sword (Glitching) Sojourners Staff (Griefing) Bag (Duping, not backpacks) Ender Sword (Cheating) Capsules (Griefing) Emperor's Chalice (Griefing) Website: http://warbornpvp.enjin.com | Teamspeak: sj01.gameservers.com:9271 Top Donator: gunner7516 Staff Application: Staff applications have been moved to our website http://warbornpvp.enjin.com
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    Having same problem. Bumping for interest