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  1. I could even find an updated download for slimevoids. You can create a ghetto wireless redstone setup with enderchests, comparators, and things of the sort. I am gonna try to get into modding in 1.7, I know a bit of java but I have never used forge before so I have no idea how hard it will be. But I am going to try to add some none multipart wireless redstone, that will possibly be able to hold more then one signal.
  2. OK, do you know any good substitutes for the wireless redstone?
  3. Do you think CB would be willing to help you with this? You mentioned a while ago you were working with him to have multipart support, then you got everything working, including updates, which later got broken.
  4. No problem, and also, do you think the multiparts on frames not updating bug will be fixed soon? Most of my frame designs use wireless redstone so this is sort of a huge problem for me, and I assume most users.
  5. Ok, but it appears some other mods have gotten around this, capaciters from Ender IO for example, keep their energy when broken by a turtle
  6. Whenever I use some sort of block breaker, like the terrain smasher from TE3 or a turtle, on a carriage, the carriage block breaks but it doesnt drop an item, don't know if this is intended or if it would be difficult to fix, but I thought I would report it.
  7. Misc Peripherals has a rether turtle that interacts with wireless redstone, I haven't used it recently and I dont know if it works with the multipart version
  8. Ok here is a video demonstrating the multiparts pop off of frames, I am using the latest version of both multiparts and redstone in motion.
  9. Well it would appear in the latest update, multiparts pop off frames again
  10. Ahh nevermind, they just dont render edit: although the frame machine will get stuck with a billund brick that is across two blocks
  11. billund bricks still disappear on frames, not too big of a deal though
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