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  1. Age 12 1/2 Central USA mountain time from 8/16 onward Minecraft xp a good amount Voltz xp ok I'm newb at voltz I want a PVP with no grief and have a awesome time I want help so teaming up is for me I understand you don't want a jerk blowing up everybody and everything and want a nice PVP like I do Short version of what I said I understand Contact me at my email [email protected] also ign is zachracer So please consider puppy dog face power go Also is recording for YouTube ok I'm just wandering cause I'm you tuber and you know like to make videos Please do not judge me cause I'm young and a YouTuber I would love to come to your server Just In case I promise not to cause any trouble and obey your wishes scouts honor -zachracer 2nd class scout troop 345 greenwood village colorado
  2. IGN:zachracer Age:12 hey I'm a mature Boy Scout Location:Birmingham for the next 3 weeks then denver Voltz Experience: a good amount Do you realize there are no plugins?:yes Why you should be aloud to join:I haven't had the pleasure of being on a server that has more than just 2 people and I am smart and can crack a good joke Please consider (puppy dog face)