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  1. thanks just setup a energy tesseract beside the quarry and one beside the engines with the same freq working well so far. :)
  2. i have tried just connecting them to the quarry via only stone conduit pipes after that weird thing happened with the power cloging in one pipe. it still clogs.
  3. Title: magmatic engine broken? Version: 0.5.1 OS: windows 64 bit Java Version: Java Version 1.7.0_25 from Oracle Corporation Description of Problem: On my LAN server with my friend we decided to make and use magmatic engines it started off good the engines would pump power through a wood conduit then that was connected to a stone conduit then a phased conduit pipe and then somewhere else i had another phased conduit pipe with the same frequency connected to a stone conduit pipe that ran into a quarry but for an unknown reason instead for working like it used to it would clog up at the first stone conduit pipe. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!! Error Messages: Error Log: