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  1. App:I think I should be whitelisted because attack of the b-team is my favorite modpack and i like servers but I dont want my house being blown up and raided every day. IGN : aslplarson What is your favorite mod in the pack? : witchery are you a builder, explorer, or tech genius? explorer How well do you know the mods? I have some experience with them but im not the best at them. Age: 12 Youtube: aslplarson Enderborn
  2. israphel shutdown the server instead of saying server closed it said "bow down before me d-i-c-k heads" so please bann him he obviously hacked or has been opped
  3. 1. aslplarson 2. Yes 3. No 4. N/A 5. No 6. N/A 7. Because there are not many servers with no pvp or pve and this seems like a good server to join 8. No i have not
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