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  1. Name: Mummell Age: 22 What do you wish to accomplish?: I'd love to experience a different approach to minecraft than vanilla. At some point i'm gonna get myself a town or join someone, not sure yet Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? Sadly, i have not. I watched yogscast playing Voltz, and i'm very interrested in trying it out for myself. (even though this mod is slightly different than voltz i think) what is the purpose of a macerator? I'm going to be honest, i did not know what a macerator was before i looked at other peoples posts Recommendations(if you been invited): None Others things i should know: Although i don't have much experience with this mod, i hope you will let me join you guys on this server (i've been playing tekkit lite for 1 day now, and i've quickly learned the basics)
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