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  1. Hey Mr1 I think you forgot the 01 on the end; it is d0ublemur01. Sorry.
  2. By the way Mr1, if this hosting service does not work out, you should check out pytohost. That is who my friends and I used when we hosted a server, and we did not have any problems. I believe they also have DDOS protection, but don't quote me on that.
  3. There are no blocks left from the modpack. When the server went down I believe it switched to either a higher version of minecraft or vanilla minecraft. Because of that it deleted any blocks from the modpack, including ores. Therefore we would have to travel far away to unloaded chunks to find the tekkit ores. I think it would be easier just to start over, but its up to you.
  4. They basically send a ton of data to the servers and crash them.
  5. It is probably some fire wall restricting his server from reaching Mojang we will just have to wait until he figures it out.
  6. It's not because of the whitelist. It is a problem where the server is not contacting Mojang's verification server to make sure you have payed for minecraft.
  7. I think you might have a firewall that is blocking your server's access to Mojang's verification servers. Are you running this off of a home computer, or is it hosted by a company?
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