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  1. Server is back up. we had a memory leak which we have now fixed. Both apps processed and accepted welcome.
  2. Added IRC plugin so people can chat trough our IRC channel. Information how to join in opening post
  3. I'm sad to announce that our tekkit server is closing at the end of the month. When it is offline i shall post the world in a drop-box for everyone to download. We are closing the tekkit server cause the lack of players. We are still continuing our FTB server DW20 1.6.4 on ftb.riffraffsyndicate.com As promised: http://files.esbohosting.nl/rrs_world.zip Survival server with just a dash of adventure.Build, gather, mine and explore. Vast world full of danger yet still one might found cozy plot near a river to peacefully live by. Those hungry for adventure can try their nerves in dee
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