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  1. Again i was right... Technic got stil problems with IPv6 the timeout ocurred while Technic-Site or Cloudflare was trying to access my IPv6 while it was dropped from my firewall. When i set-up IPv6 at my site, there was no timeout anymore but instead it could not validate my solder api key - this was the error i had month ago. so problem is solved by _NOT USING IPv6_
  2. So, i removed solder completely then i made a normal mappack and everything worked fine so far when i now add a link to my root-server... the cloudflare error is coming up. this is a very weird error!
  3. So, still searching for the error... the technic site is accessing my solder reaching this url GET /index.php/api/verify/2c2ea271b623d1d924...107c01f3735f0c18a27532edf2531 HTTP/1.1" 200 82 and getting this response {"valid":"Key validated.","name":"nightreaver","created_at":"2014-05-13 15:32:27"} then its stuck, and stopping with the cloudflare error. I have to say that solder _was working for many month_ now dont know what happened :/ ------------ every time i try to do anything with solder... cloudflare is coming up... i can't imagine its an error coming from my side!
  4. Okay, i tried with a different account and its working fine again... seem to be something wrong with my account maybe something with solder dont know how to fix, but i'll let you when cheers edit obviously this happens always when i add a solder-link I'm using latest 0.6 and api response seem to work fine... this really sucks
  5. Really? I'm trying for about 7h today.. and i tried it from about 8pm GMT+2 till 11PM GMT+2 yesterday... dont see any difference am i the only one expecting this error?
  6. Hello there! I'm trying to add a new modpack to my account but sadly every time i hit the button the site is timing out getting the cloud-flare error site. You Browser Working London CloudFlare Working www.technicpack.net Host Error Is there any way to solve the Error? Is it at my side or at the technic side? All the other Technic-Sites works well. Anyone else getting this error? Cheers
  7. have a look here http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/almost-no-sound-when-using-launcher-workaround-found.55567/
  8. happen to me every time, cant figure out where it comes from, possibly Technic Launcher cause original MC one is working fine. (Win7 in general, on x84 and x64) But thats was I wanted to show you :)
  9. check your .technic/assets folder, tell the folders inside and the actual size
  10. awesome.. that really helps other people with same problem!
  11. wait a while or make a relogg but it takes some time for this to show there
  12. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/increase-max-permgen-gone.53266/
  13. Yes, no one knows in here it seems... but you got at least an answer now
  14. so, i created a modpack with only NEI... and started with launcher (without forge or modpack.jar inside the modpack) so just normal vanilla the i put the forge universal inside the bin folder (renamed it to modpack.jar) and the game failed to run. the version.json gets changes and thats all. to make i run again i have to remove the "modpack.jar" and the version.json... then it's running again but just vanilla (as expected). i tried copy stuff from forge universal installer to the .technic/cache/ folder (all libaryies are stored here) but still fails to launch i copied the library folder made by universal installer to my mod folder, and moved the jar and the version.json file also to bin folder, but still failed to launch so what to do? used forge 1.6.4 latest nice you are all talking about 1.6.2 modpack when topic/thread is about 1.6.4
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