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  1. I finally figured it out on my own. I did not realize the technic launcher folder is where the correct save folder is, not in %appdata%. I put it in there and it seems to be working for anyone else who wants to play a SMP world in SP. Thank you tho for the 2 out of 146 that viewed for responding
  2. First thing i tried, named it world2, don't see it
  3. I am an avid vanilla MC addict since alpha and recently joined my first MP using Technic Launcher and around 80 mods. Needless to say it was overwhelming at first but I am enjoying the endless things that can be done and I do not want my progress to disappear . My friend is going to end the MP server and sent me the world folder to continue on. Can I use it in SP mode with the mods loaded to play or do I have to run a MP server? Any help would be appreciated. If this is in the wrong forum, feel free to move. TY in advance.
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