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  1. In Game Name: ems_fire Location: Vermont (USA) Age: 25 Ban History: I have never been ban from a server Tekkit Exp: I have only been playing Tekkit for about 2 mounths so im still getting use to it. What i have played of it I rilly like. I played Minecraft for a wile before coming to Tekkit. Goals: I would like to build a base to start off with, then i want to start exploring all the new things Tekkit has.
  2. Age: 25 IGN (In Game Name): ems_fire Why Do you want to Play on this Server? My brother cptoor is on the server and said how awesome it is. and i also know otaku108, my brothers friend. What Do you want to Build? I would like to start off by building a base, and playing around with the mods.
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