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  1. The following commands now work on the server sorry about the delay. /rtp /randomtp
  2. Server spawn is now up. Working on a few enhancements for it (signs to give people an idea of what to do ect.), but its serving as a safe place to spawn now. use "/rtp" for random and safe teleports
  3. The server is now online. There is currently not a spawn built, but you can connect and get started if you would like.
  4. Welcome to the SteamCrew server and modpack! Steam Crew is back with our best pack yet. This modpack is designed to be used on the Steam Crew Server to facilitate both Magic and Tech users as well as provide an interesting and challenging world where conflict is sure to arise. I am looking for a small community to play this custom modpack with. There is no white list and I don't plan on having any donation perks/banned items. Server rules are pretty much don't be a jerk. PVP is allowed, but working together is recommended. Plugins: Cle
  5. Currently we use Custom npcs, and we do not have MCA. It is a possibility we could look into that mod being added if there is community interest.
  6. Steam Crew Server Grand Opening! Our modpack is focused around machines and automation with RPG and Economy aspects. We offer hand built dungeons with tiered gear utilizing custom npcs.(3 tiers open building more) This is a 24/7 server with 5 hour automatic restarts. There will be a small amount of downtime(should be less than 30 mins) on the last Sunday of every month to reset the twilight forest (ensuring a fresh mining world). Everyone is welcome but we ask that you act mature and follow the rules on the server. If you have a issue with a player you can use /ignore and i
  7. Username: kryanroberts Age: 23 Why Tekkitopia? looking for a new place to play with the mods i love. The last server i was on just started handing out everything to players which ruined the fun for me. Your secret code: 12kry
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