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  1. Those posts are like i don't know a week apart on't accuse me!
  2. Also don't read this comment unless you want a spoiler to the 6th season! Church is the director and hes alfa! a freaking AI And Tex is dead (For now)
  3. Thanks for the info torezu that really clears things up for me
  4. Hey guys i'm Tex now so i'm a bit of a bad ass. ya forgot to mention i'm back on so ya. " I knew that wouldn't work Tex is a bit of a bad ass" love that scene!
  5. so from that you'll see how the series is like kinda! oh sorry its just.....yeah... Oh wait guys lleaving BYEEEE see you on the 21st! Believe it i read the rules 3 hours BEFORE you told me!
  6. Hey guys once i leave you guys won't see me on till the 21st of this month i told you itd bee funny/ Did you see how Tex took out the whole red team and half the blue team!
  7. same here ffor the first and the funny one was caboose! And Tucker is hysterical! Tex is My favorite though shes awesome!
  8. YOU DON"T KNOW WHAT IT IS???? thats crazy red vs blue is the most funny histerical series on earth is based off halo but twisted around so some of it is animay and some of it from real clips and tex is awesome fighter! EDIT: Heres a link to a really funny episode and believe it i think its funny! and they keep there armor on if your wondering no inapporate stuff like that! Tell Me What you tihnk once you watch it! You There DW?
  9. Everytime i lookup a seed and go onto minecraft and try it the pictures don't match anything its crazy! even the right update seeds i spawned next to a oil pool instead of a volcano whats going on?
  10. ineed to see the crash logs to help! my specitly is figuring out crash reports!
  11. Umm whats FTB? Whats with all the short prahses?
  12. Have any of you people ever seen red vs blue? If so say yes on your post. And secondly whats your favorite episode. And lastly whos your favorite character? No Responses wow Red Vs Blue is epic and no one here knows about it!*Sigh* Thats sad. Serousliy not one response no one knows what Red Vs Blue is? Thats Crazy! Just go on youtube and serch it season 8 episode 10 thats hysterical!
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