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  1. No, no, we're not dead! I'm alive! I just moved to a new state. Like everything else in the house, we had to pack up the server. It's back online right now. Sorry I didn't see this for a few days, I was in the car. Thanks for your concern though!
  2. My Little Pony Season 4 is in exactly one week! Bumping this thread because I just updated the modpack and we're getting ready to have a week of festivities leading up to the big event! Hope everypony checks us out. Later.
  3. I got a domain name and Dynamic DNS support, so hopefully the situation of losing all my players doesn't happen again because my ISP randomly switches my IP address. Whew.
  4. Sorry for the outage yesterday, but we had network issues. Lag should now be greatly reduced, and we have added more swapspace to help ease the memory load.
  5. Spawn Point Optree Address: hexxponies.wirehound.com (NEW DOMAIN NAME!) Hexxponies is all about love and friendship! That's why we have an open door policy: no whitelist. If you're a brony or pegasister and have been pining for a place where you can be yourself and hang out with like-minded ponies, worry no more. If you're not, and just want to try out a new gaming community, that's fine too. We're open-minded. This a survival PVP server, and we encourage community interaction and teams. Pixel artists and good builders are especially encouraged to join. As this is not a tech-focused modpack, unfortunately, redstone engineers, minecart specialists, and the like will not find much appeal here, but we certainly welcome them anyway. Now with official website and blog! Some rules though: -Be polite to everyone. -PvP or raiding in excess and griefing will result in a warning followed by suspension or ban. -Cheating or exploits will result in a ban if caught. -Don't argue with ops once a decision has been made. -Spamming the chat with ads, help requests or nonsense will result in muting. Also, please don't ask to be promoted to op or mod. We will choose you if you're doing a good job. Removed mods: Dimensional Doors, Twilight Forest Banned items: Ender Bow, Freezarite armor set This may change in the future if it causes trouble. Plugins: WorldEdit WorldGuard CommandBook (sorry, no /tpa) CommandHelper (still glitchy) PermissionsEx CoreProtect
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