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  1. sure, add me at davidpwnsyou22!
  2. sure, add me at davidpwnsyou22
  3. sure, add me at davidpwnsyou22!
  4. Hi Jalcyon, my skype name is Davidpwnsyou22. Add me as soon as possible. I won't be very present today because I am gone with my family, but still add me.
  5. Hello everyone, my name is David and i'm running a small private BD server. It won't be a huge server, just one to have a few friends on and chill with them. They're are no restrictions, just a couple rules to get on the white-list. You must be 13 or older Player frequently Have skype If you all 3 of those, post a reply on this post and add me on Skype. I'm very mature and looking forward to meeting new people to play on my server with. Thanks again!