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  1. I've been playing BigDig and have noticed that the particle effects in my water, which are normally blue, are now black. I've tried on two different computers and it's been the same. It hasn't happened with any other modpack I've tried. Here's a screenshot of what I mean: With the default texture pack this isn't much of an issue, as the water colour is pretty dark anyway. However, when I change my texture pack to Sphax PureDB, the water is filled with ugly little dark dots like this: These are really visible, even from far away. Has anyone else encountered a problem like this and do they know how to fix it? Thanks!
  2. I've just updated my server to 1.1.8 and have been experiencing a lot of lag. Using Tickprofiler I've discovered the rednet cables in my nether base are generating about 100x more traffic than anything else. There are only 40 cable blocks though and all they are doing is keeping my redstone lamps on. If I delete the cables everything runs fine, but I'm sure they shouldn't be causing such lag in the first place. Has anyone encountered this and, if so, did you find a solution? EDIT: Just tried removing each mod and restarting individually. Thermal Expansion seems to be clashing somehow. Will post more if I find a solution.
  3. Go to \config\powercrystals\netherores Open up common.cfg And set B:EnableMaceratorRecipes=false
  4. Oh, really? Cool. This is my first mod so I wasn't sure if it was bad form or not. I'll put it back up. All the code is original.
  5. I was a bit frustrated not having an energy condenser from EE2 in New Tekkit so I coded a new object called the Matter Rejigger which fills the gap until something better comes along in EE3. UPDATE 0.0.3 (2013-08-12): Made a few tweaks to better balance cloning. Rejigger now takes damage level of items into account. Added support for Forestry mod woods. Download Link: Installation Instructions: Just drop it in your mods folder. Crafting Instructions: Construct your Rejigger like so: And then Rejig around to your heart's content: