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  1. as i said, i have 16gb of ram on my computer, and i usually use just 2gb when it runs, when i play games, i close any access programs, in which i still don't have to do.
  2. How should i put it... XMX- 8gb XMS - 256 mb xmx is the max of ram xms is the minimum i want to change the minimum because minecraft uses the minimum and maybe a little bit over, for some reason, it tries even with max fps on, it still just uses about 600 mb of ram, i dont want that because it still lags, i want to play it very smooth but with good graphics,the only way to make that work is by changing the minimum amount of ram and i have no way of doing that... i would create a .bat file, but i cant open hexxit.exe without the technic launcher, at least i don't think i can...
  3. I do not want help with a sever i just want Hexxit to use more ram. In the launcher settings, i can allocate more ram but that only works for the max amount of ram, i can't change the least amount of ram so it still lags, i have an Alienware MX14R2 from 2012 with 16 gb of ram and windows 7. Please help, thank you in advence if you help.
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