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  1. ummm...guys i think you gotta update the server. everyone who updated hexxit cant get in. and well i didnt cause i thoughty you updated
  2. and ik i lost a LOT of stuff cause i had 10 big backpacks full of items in my enderchest cause i didnt feel safe with them in chests
  3. ik im saying this but could i get my money? i had 150k and i worked hard to get it all
  4. ummm..... ya about that i tried to login and im still banned it still says banned foe death in hadcore i cant even move or anything
  5. WTF?!?! its a hardcore server so i died and no i cant play anymore? so im technically banned. i died other times and wasnt banned from dieing. ugh. well i hope someone sees this. i like playing on this server
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