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  1. How come, when you build a new nether portal, you don't go to a new part of the nether? Instead, you end up going to a slightly different part of the nether, still very close to the nether portal at the spawn?
  2. How come there's a problem with mobs spawning?
  3. IGN: Pingk Playing Minecraft for 2 years Voltz: I've dabbled before, proficient with Technic/Tekkit Skill level: 3-5 Your server seems pretty reliable with no banned items, want to play with some friends.
  4. When playing Technic, I was able to reduce the resolution in-game to increase the frame rate, however looking through the Voltz options, I can't see this option anywhere and my game is unplayable without scaling down from native resolution. How can I change this? Thanks in advance.