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  1. Dang im tired i wasnt paying attention and posted this in open AND forgot to add a prefix
  2. Hey I created this server because I hated playing alone on my tekkit games and wanted a group of 3 to play with me. I'm looking for people who love survival more than creative and like to play legit. All players will be op so you may do whatever you like. Spawning a few extremely rare items (like diamond) are okay. If you do spawn diamond there is a limit of 5. I may be looking for survival players but creative is tolerable if you do it in the creative world. No items on this server are banned to give everyone the full tekkit classic experience. If you grief spawn you will be banned and if you grief other players houses (in creative because not in creative griefing is okay) you will be banned. If you grief another players building in the creative world PERIOD you will be banned. I use world edit and Multiverse Portals to make it so I can make portals beween the survival and creative worlds. I also use mob disguise for fun so players may spy on another players work. And there are no anti grief plugins so i hope players will not take advantage of it. Some players may be scientists and some wizards and some who just want to build everything. These players can fight. The wizards and scientists should have conflict and leave the in-between out of it. The server will be up everyday around 11:00 until 4:00 IP: This thread will not be useful for very long as the three I choose will be the only ones allowed (as long as they don't do anything bannable) Please for your application include your ingame name, age, Why you want to join, and why you think you are one of the people who can be in the group. The server recommended texture pack is SphaxPureBDCraft with the tekkit classic textures patched in. WARNING: In my tekkit for some reason nether portals will not work. Please tell me ingame when you want to build one and I will make a multiverse portal for you to use instead but I will need 10 obsidian as tribute because that is what you need to make the portal in the first place Please put effort into your applications, Goodbye.