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  1. Noooo the server is down so low. in other words, its closed/crashed/(please don't say yes to this one) Shutdown :(
  2. Derp, I was thinking about the movie "Back to the Future" and now I have this new dream on the server to ride a rocket sideways to the end of the world :D
  3. *Yawn* 9th grade is fun..

  4. I check these forums a lot and Iv noticed more people join when I'm asleep seems time difference affects a lot to.
  5. Third message real quick, Dante or RiffRaffSyndicate, Theres WorldBorder but what is the number of blocks (after spawn portal) before the border
  6. This is a really good server all who want to know. Friendly, fun, and I guess this is a plus, its a new server so main world has only a few houses! mine is close to spawn so should know.
  7. Derp I only have 1 white list server

  8. In-game name: ChaosKing213 Age: 13 (almost 14) Time spent playing modded Minecraft: Just before Tekkit became Tekkit Classic Reason I want to join: I'm glad this server was grey-listed. I can't find any good servers as every other server I joined people aren't very friendly. I join here expecting to have more unfriendly people but of course, I meet an amazing community! I want to join to play with this friendly community. So many adventures await! Thank you. - Your Player ChaosKing213
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