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  1. In-game name: RylinSnyder Age: 18 Time spent playing modded Minecraft: I am not sure. 100-500 hours online time.more than 1 year Reason I want to join: Server says i cant use my iron axe without being accepted
  2. Age : 18 - 09.10.1994 IGN (In Game Name) : RylinSnyder Why Do you want to Play on this Server? : I love crowded servers so this one looked to me popular and well controlled.Another reason is it appeared on top of the forum threads so i decided to give it a try. What Do you want to Build? : I didnt play minecraft more than about 6 months.Somehow i saw the new mods came to tekkit, then i wanted to play again.I dont know why but, I really love building factories, automating things, using your brain instead of fighting or adventuring or doing another things. Note: English is not my native language.sorry about that.I really want to join please accept me.
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