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  1. there is nothing under that for me it just has the tool bar with share link
  2. ok I click on the file and it pulls up the tool bar but I don't seea copy public link I just see share link
  3. I went into drop box and went to the public folder hit the share link button and a thing poped up and I hit get link
  4. o ya and here is the link http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/the-miner3-modpack.171219
  5. I cant find aproblem with the format and the names are correct (also should it be config or configs) but I don't know how to check the direct link
  6. ok so I have followed the rules to the letter and I get my mod pack to the laucher and I hit the login button and it starts extracting files and then I get a error message saying error unzipping file for the following mudpack: the miners3 modpack error unzipping file: C:\users\kingjareth13\AppData\Roaming\.technic\the-miners3-modpack\cache\the-miners3-modpack-1.0.zip so I go to the location it says to see what happened and It says it is in a unknow format or it is damaged do you know what I did wrong
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