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  1. Woo, the new server is up and running, Enjoy the server!
  2. Welcome! Server ip: tekkit.wolfempire.org Website: http://wolfempiretekkit.enjin.com/ Welcome to Wolf Empire Tekkit Addition. Our server is one of many in the Wolf Empire chains. This server is a survival, PvE and PvP server with grief protection. We have a great helping community as well as helpful staff. Some plugins that benefit players in survival that we have include togglepvp aswell as protection stones. I hope to see you on soon and hope you guys enjoy the server. Staff: Owner:Jevincito CoOwner:iWareWolf_ Mod:20Hours (We are currently not looking for staff)
  3. Join a new tekkit classic server! tekkit.wolfempire.org:25632

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