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  1. I just recently downloaded Tekkit and even if I set my visual settings all the way to the lowest I can only get a max of 15 frames, 5 on average. However as soon as I pause my fps jumps to 25-30. Is it just my laptop is shit? It is a 2011, but the only other game that I have played that has caused my frames to drop this low was BF3, but that game is a monster, even Saint's Row III is at least playable outside of massive gun fights. Is anyone else having this problem? Can I fix it? Or do I just need a new computer?
  2. Hey guys, I have been having so much trouble finding out what everything does as well as the values of items in Tekkit. Thus, I searched for the Tekkit wiki, the problem is the wiki is just a list of the mod and I have to enter every mod and then every item inside of their respective wiki's. It is a very tedious way of finding the info I need. I had recently been playing the Hexxit pack and the Wikia for the Hexxit pack is massive and almost completely filled with up-to-date info. So I'm coming to you guy who have been playing the Tekkit pack for much longer than me, to help fill up the Tekkit
  3. So I am looking to get a hosted server, nothing massive, it's just my laptop can't handle running Tekkit or Hexxit anymore and I'm looking to play with a friend or two. The problem is I know basically nothing about hosted servers other than they have an IP and the people that own them magically make mods work in it lol. I was hoping some of you guys that own or have owned a server could inform an server n00b like me on the ins and outs. I'm also wondering about a few things like, is it possible to have more than one "world" on a server, if it is how big of a server would I need to run more tha
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