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  1. Hey guys! I'm pj1210. I am 13 years of age. I am from the Philippines. I am a Minecraft addict and I play on servers a lot. I am good in PVP and building, but not much in to tech stuff in MC. I can code a little bit. I can also animate using Cinema 4D. I already joined this server before when it was still called "Minerva's Realm". I know this is a great server. It has Towny and I love to work with fellow people in creating a large and friendly community! See you there!
  2. Age: 13 IGN: pj1210 Why do you want to Play on this server?: I want to build a big automated factory, travel to the moon, make the International Space Station in Minecraft, and make tons of new friends. What do you want to build: Anything I guess and the ones mentioned above. What do you want to add: Factions please.
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