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  1. That is the one i use and it doesnt work for me :/
  2. Hello could somebody tell me which version of PermissionEX is compatible with tekkit server?
  3. Hello, could somebody tell me how to install worldedit CUI. Every time I try install it, it gives me white screen even though i deleted META INF.
  4. Hello, I would like to know if worldguard is compatible with tekkit server. Thanks for reading
  5. I already run a private server for my friends but i also wanna have a proper public server with good plugins and lots of fun. It wold be great if u could send me any good plugins.
  6. Hello, i want to make my own server and i cant seem to find a tekkit server host so could somebody give me a link to a host which has low price? Thanks for reading.
  7. Re: [24/7][2.1.1][Quantum Gaming Tekkit Server][30 slots][Whitelist] IGN: yohasakurask Have you ever been banned: No What do you plan to do on the server: I'm looking to learn more about tekkit, build some houses, Industrial and ee. What is your experience level with Tekkit? I know a bit of industrial and EE but I'm looking to learn more. My friends would like to join aswell (They never grief) The_answer_is_3 Emptymoon