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  1. If you want to become pure PVE, just set your faction to neutral which cost basically nothing, no one will be able to hit you
  2. For the time being the whitelist is off, you've all been added to the list. In addition, we enabled all the mods
  3. We Recently added all the Mods to the server! Whitelist Info: IGN: Experience in Hexxit: Are you a PvP or PvE player?: Website: SurvivalProject.net Hexxit IP: mc.SurvivalProject.net 4096MB of RAM & 2048MB VSwap OpenVZ Virtualization 60GB of Storage 5000GB of Bandwidth RAID-10 Solid State Drives Banned Items Emperor's Chalice (Bypasses Grief Protection) Bags (Not Backpacks, duping) Rapiers (Really..) Tinted Glasses (Admin Wear) Capsules (Spawn Grief) Sojourner's Staff (Spawn Grief) Cutlass (Crashes User) Meteor Summoners (Breaks Spawn + Factions) Box (MassCrash) EnderBow (MassCrash) Chest Transporter (Bypasses Lockette) Factions Economy PlayerShops MobArena Parkour MobCash Multiverse Lockette(For all players) Tank Mesmer Sin Zerker Dragon More Information 1. No FactionGriefing your own Faction. Griefing, as used here, is the act of placing blocks, removing blocks, adding water or lava, or starting fires, intentionally or unintentionally causing grief among the other users of the server. This means that breaking even just one glass block in a window and walking in on foreign property is, in fact griefing. Yes, you may be banned for this. “Lol, it was just one block!” is not an excuse. Just don’t. 2. No Faction Stealing your own Faction. Stealing consists of taking items or blocks from another person or another person’s property. This includes items dropped during accidental or defensive PVP encounters. 3. Client Side Code. Client tools which allow the injection of items into the game are not tolerated. Client side code which changes the way the game works for your character, such as no-clipping, flight, healing, invulnerability, transparency textures or futuristic diamond radar type stuff basically xraying, is not allowed. There is no “testing,” “playing,” or “seeing if it works.” The use of any of these tools will result in a permanent ban. We don’t do it. You don’t get to do it, either. 4. Chat Behavior. Profanity is tolerated, abuse or harrassment of other players is not. If you talk about another user or their family, expect your stay to be short. Topics on the server are free-ranging, but be mindful of your audience and be aware of requests to stop. Do not spam the channel. Spammers are banned without warning, celebration or mourning. Keep caps use to a minimum. Global chat has a LOT of people in it most of the time, and you SAYING THINGS LIKE THIS is more likely to irritate others than to get your point across. 5. Conflict Resolution. Resolve your own conflicts. Do it quickly and with compassion for the other user. You do not want the staff to have to step in and resolve them for you. You do not want to rant and rail about how someone did something to you. If a user violates a rule, simply report this to staff, and we’ll handle it. Additional profanity or conflict on your part is not necessary. 6. I was Banned!?!? If you have been banned from the server by a moderator, you may feel free to request a removal of the ban on the server’s forum. Ensure that your removal request includes your username, what you were banned for doing, why it was wrong, and why you’ll never do it again. The admin staff will review your request and consider removal from the ban list. Consider, however, that the content of your forum post is also considered. If you rail and rant and scream about how some mod DARED to ban you, we will likely uphold that mod’s decision regardless of other mitigating circumstances. If you were banned by an Admin, feel free to make a personal plea to Natbyte via the same forum, as it is his server. Alternatively you are free to ask another Admin as well. Good luck.