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  1. If you want to become pure PVE, just set your faction to neutral which cost basically nothing, no one will be able to hit you
  2. For the time being the whitelist is off, you've all been added to the list. In addition, we enabled all the mods
  3. We Recently added all the Mods to the server! Whitelist Info: IGN: Experience in Hexxit: Are you a PvP or PvE player?: Website: SurvivalProject.net Hexxit IP: mc.SurvivalProject.net 4096MB of RAM & 2048MB VSwap OpenVZ Virtualization 60GB of Storage 5000GB of Bandwidth RAID-10 Solid State Drives Banned Items Emperor's Chalice (Bypasses Grief Protection) Bags (Not Backpacks, dup
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