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  1. Ok thnx anyway I'm gonna try something, anything.
  2. It could be. Can you take a look skype, team viewer or something.
  3. I tried to i's yo ı's it didnt work and textures are missing yeah but i can play singleplayer and its not bodering me plants just look like white and says texture couldnt find it and thats all
  4. Richs thank you too but you said the same thing what neo and thor said dwwojcik and thank you too
  5. http://www.upload.gen.tr/d.php/www/fNUfk/ForgeModLoader-client-0.log.html Thank You emirso2 And thank you to jay I'm waiting
  6. I already tried what neo and thor said. And I explain why it didnt work. If you have other suggestions I'm here to listen
  7. I think i explain why reloading isnt work.And i have original account btw. Neowulf i get it youre not here to help me so dont comment anymore. It doenst matter how many times i reloaded, its not going to help cuz my computers local language is turkish so it will be the same every time i reloaded. I'm trying to be respectful but you are pushing it so stop trying to be clever enough to insult me. You can help or not. So please answer if you going to help. Dont comment to insult me
  8. Why do you thinking? That I just had a problem and came staright here? No. I know what is the problem and what causing it. The proble is letter "i" cuz in here,Turkey, we have another letter "ı". And in the game for example an item called "lolipop:201" is in "lolıpop:2155". Now you see reloading not gonna make any difference cuz I already did. And yes I can see what ids are mismatched but I can't change them cuz idk their original ids.So i need original documents which its legal to share them. You just need to upload config file for me. That will bejust awsemo I know that Neowulf and Thoran t
  9. C:\Users\Windows7\AppData\Roaming\.technic\hexxit\config all of it cuz idk where is the problem
  10. There is Id mismacth in my hexxit. Can someone send me the hexxit config file that works? Thank you :)
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