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  1. Thanks for the answer sorry for sounding angry. I was stressed out. All help is appreciated.
  2. There are a ton of people who have had the same issues. Google is useful. I have fixed the sound problem but the game does like to shut down on its own once every half an hour. I use a gaming PC and other games crash once in a month. Hexxit likes to crash for no reason. The other problem which annoys me is missing textures. Spiders, creepers and zombies become floating limbs, heads and legs. In NEI missing pictures for some vanilla items and some mods. I have found a correction and have had someone sent me the files needed. The infernal mod likes to lag my game. Not nice. I die const
  3. I have tried every solution under the sun to fix Hexxit. It was working fine until early today. Why is there no solution that works? No sound, missing textures on vanilla texture and force closes. Every other mod pack works fine. Where are the developers? Why aren't they fixing this? I understand that it's a mod but if Technic and FTB work with minor problems why can't this one work? Anyone have a resource folder for Hexxit which I can use to get sounds back? Can someone show me how to get Hexxit to load textures instead of black boxes and missing mod pictures?
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