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  1. Alright, it works. I started the server today, and boom. Receiving lava. I have no clue as to why it's suddenly working again. But it is. Hopefully it won't randomly stop working again. Thanks for the help people, I appreciate it.
  2. Nope, that's not it either. I've quadrouple-checked the frequencies, and I've even tried changing frequencies to a completely new one. :/
  3. Ah I see, I don't think that's the case however as no lava is coming out on the receiving end. The receiving tesseract is giving me nothing. :/
  4. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "if it backs up and for how long"? I did put 3 tanks in between the pump and tesseract, but I don't quite understand what to achieve by doing so.
  5. Hello guys! So I've been running a LAN-multiplayer server with technicpack for a while now, and have been using a setup where I pump lava from the nether using liquid tesseracts to magmatic engines on the surface. After updating to 1.1.8 however, the liquid tesseracts in the nether have been acting weird (randomly stops working). At first I thought the lava at that location had run low, so I moved my pumpstations around, but to no avail. I can see that the pumps are working while I'm in the nether, as the liquiducts fill with lava, but no lava is sent to the surface. I guess that indicates
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