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  1. After reinstalling Windows 7 64bit, and the Intel drivers Tekkit Legends loads fine on the same computer. I hate for this to be the solution but what else can you do?
  2. Brughhhhhhhh.... Ok well i will poke around the driver archives and try some stuff tonight and report back if i get it working before i lose my patience and nuke the windows 10 and reinstall 7. Chief resource to assist in this: http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-020667.htm Ok here's what i have found so far: Intel HD Graphics Driver # | ZIP # | Release Date | Pass/Fail | Win64_152824 | 5.26.2015 | Fail | Win64_152823 | 1.30.2015 | Fail | Win64_152822 | 3.20.2014 | Fail | Win64_152820 | 1.29.2014 | Fail | Acer Source |
  3. Yes i have the pixel format not accelerated problem. No don't bother linking me to that reddit thread I've already seen it. I have tried installing and reinstalling the drivers from Microsoft, Intel, where ever else i could find them. I've tried disabling the driver through windows update so it won't get replaced (this worked on my laptop but not hers.) Ok so we have two laptops here, mine a gateway with a Core i3 3110m cpu and Intel HD 4000 graphics, minecraft runs fine on this after i disabled the windows update driver and installed the Intel one. And then we have her laptop, which has a Cor
  4. This has more to do with Latency in modern systems than with the data width and transmission speed. PCIe is a fairly high latency connection, that's why SLI and CrossFire cards connect to each other through a specially designed interface. I just helped my friend assemble his new computer replacing the Pentium 4 HT 3.4GHz with DDR2 667 Ram computer with a Core i3 550 3.5GHz dual core and 8GB DDR3 1333 ram and the minecraft performance is just absolutely night and day even tho hes still using a GeForce 9600GSO (128bit) graphics card. I have another computer with a Pentium E2220 2.4GHz du
  5. do you mean like the communication with system memory and communication across the PCIe bus? or do you mean the communication backbone for independent computing node in computer clusters? or both for that matter i suppose. And hte idea of measuring minecraft i think i left out is to apply pressure to the system in an unusual manner.
  6. fjkahsiwfhasdilfasdoiejwfhwsdifuashdfiusdhfaksjwefdlsfjf i spent way to long writing and rewriting this post. a hobby of mine is to trash pick old computers and put them together in unintended ways and I've been looking into minecraft as one of the various tools i use to measure the performance of such computers. so i can further push them in directions science was not meant to go (cough cough P90 paired up with a GeForce FX 5950 cough cough)
  7. thats the thing, this is a learning experiment not for the betterment of my minecraft desktop experience, my desktop computer has a Core 2 Duo E7500 cpu overclocked to 3.6GHz that pushes minecraft around at over 150fps. Just about everything i know about computers is self taught. I'm trying to further my understanding of how this stuff works, i was made painfully aware that i didn't know enough last time i started to try and learn programming. It also furthers my understanding of how to problem solve these issues in the future by better knowing what why and where slowdowns occur with minec
  8. ok so i setup the Pentium 4 computer with a different Pentium 4, its setup like this: Pentium 4 2GHz 400MHz FSB 512kb L2 Cache mPGA478 4GB DDR400 ram (under clocked to DDR266 with 1.33 memory divider) nVidia GeForce4 Ti 4600-8x 128MB AGP 8x Soyo SY-PI875P DRAGON 2 Platinum Edition motherboard (quite the relic i know) HP OEM WiFi card of inconsequence PCI Primary hard drive is UltraATA/133 connected to the soyo's integrated highpoint IDE raid card OS is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS I used a couple of different drivers the default driver that comes with Ubuntu i believe its called nouveau only
  9. sorry i have a terrible habit of smashing my questions together in a horrific manner, you answered the GMA950 question, so ultimately for everything the GMA950 can do a faster cpu and ram will improve the laptop's performance likely to be significant due to upping the FSB, ram speed and core clock speed. the second question was about my GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1gb, in my desktop computer. it has dedicated 1gb of vram separate from the 4gb of system memory. does this card having more vram help could minecraft benefit from more vram or is it texture pack dependent? or is it completely irreverent
  10. hmm so that means the Pentium 4 HT at 3.2GHz with a 2x400mhz data bus to the DDR400 dual channel ram had a significant advantage over the Pentium T2060 with its 1.6GHz core 533mhz bus speed and dual channel DDR2 533? augh im having a hard time keeping these FSB numbers straight, is it 2x533 (for 1066 effective) or is it 2x266 (for 533 effective) becasue i know the Pentium 4 HT lists its speed as 3.2/512/800/1.4 but the T2060 lists as 1.6/1M/533/1.3 does this mean that technically the T2060 has a slower bus than the Pentium 4? I mean i guess i could see that with the second channel in the dual
  11. that would definitely allow it to run on the rage 128 then... but then why does minecraft run so well on the Pentium 4 but not so well on the Pentium T2060 in my laptop? unless the GMA950 supports just enough opengl to dick it up, but also then where does the supposed v1.5 opengl the geforce4 ti supports stand?
  12. from a bit of searching around its my understanding that vannila minecraft requires OpenGL 1.1 to just run, to this end i had it running on a Pentium 4 HT 3.2GHz with a GeForce4 Ti 4600 8x and am considering setting that computer back up so i can go for the Rage 128 Pro. got about 30 fps with technic under opensuse 11 i belive i was using the legacy non-oss driver. also it ran world of warcraft. no it did not make toast.
  13. i see it now, it was broken earlier showing like all the letters up and down on those buttons so i couldent read any of them at the time i posted. i;m just gonna go tho i dont want to cause any more problems
  14. i cant find a section for posting issues with the forum itself and since it doesnt directly relate to the game i suppose that would mean i goes here? anyway i'm having a problem with the game so i tried to post a picture of said problems (no its not the 'blocks dont render' issue) on the Technic Bug Forum when i noticed somthing at the bottom of the screen. i cant post in the technic bug forum. is this specific (i've been blocked from posting in the bug forum or not enough post count) or just a bug with the transfer from the old forums?
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