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  1. Ok I won't kill her again sorry for killing her
  2. Ok then I will just stay Helen killer and will earn back regular. Can a admin lock this forum thanks
  3. I have done nothing wrong the problem is with how you guy are treating me it is unfair I was a regular before the change and all I want is to be the same as before as nothing has changed and I have done nothing wrong
  4. I have been trying to post respectful post and I will be kind to everyone on the forums you guys rock
  5. Well I am very sorry for anything that happened and would like to fix the problem
  6. Ok. I would like to say sorry to anything that I have done and would kindly ask that you forgive me and give me a second chance
  7. How can I provide proof if I have just loged on in like 5 months and I had to reset my password because I forgot it I have emails proving that I reset my password
  8. I have done nothing but log on to the forums.
  9. You guys are so sad to me.what have I done to you nothing so stop acting like 5 year olds and grow up and have some respect for people.
  10. hi i was wondering if you whould be able to remove my Hellen Killer status as i was regular before thank you for your time mega